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Cote Sup Safari
Many Paddle board Safari Options Around Lake Arenal & Cote Lake
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Lake Arenal 85 km² surface, with deep areas between 30 and 60 Mts at 600 Mts over the sea... In this magnificent semi-artificial lake we offer many amazing safaris! - La Tortuga Safari: Super easy access to the lake, very well protected from the winds, ideal for beginners in a beautiful private small marina. - Nuevo Arenal Safari: Amazing ride in the prettiest natural park of our community Nuevo Arenal, surrounded by green grass yards, dancing trees and lots of birds like toucans and oropendolas and also home of the lizard turtle!. In this safari you need some skills and energy as we paddle facing the wind in the first section, after that we get deep into the mangrove when our lake opens for it... - La Hormiga Safari: Right in front of the Cote Sup Camp! energy and adventure soul needed! we walk around 10 minutes with our boards and paddles in a raw lake jungle to get in the water in a secluded amazing spot between two river mouth and many sacred spots. - Volcan Arenal Safari : Releasing the shore in a easy spot facing the majestic Arenal Volcano, generally in calm waters with not much wind interaction. Feel the powerful presence of the Fire Mountain in front of you while riding in the jungle with your paddle board. (kayaks available). You must live this! Cote Lake Heart Shaped Lake with 1.98 km² surface, from 6mts to UNKNOWN deep areas at 680 Mts over the sea level. This is a Crater Lake and the biggest natural one in Costa Rica, sacred place for historical shamanic activities of the Maleku tribes and influenced energetic place for other tribal ceremonies. Called Cote by the Maleku People for its energy and physical heart shape ( Cote means Heart ) Also well know as the spot on the planet were NASA captured one of the most sharp images of an UFO. NASA and other important corporation have visit this mystical and exotic world treasure for it study, like Jackes Cousteau who seems to try once to find the bottom of the lake on his submarine and never got it... - Cote Lake Safari: hard to describe! definitively need energy for hiking before and after the paddle board, this safari have many reach gifts to enjoy, like a sacred small beach, mangroves, a deep abandon dam river mouth and lots of wild life. We meet at Nuevo Arenal down town and from there we drive about 15 minutes and main road and around 25 minutes up the crater on dirt road, park the vehicles in the main entrance and hike down the crater. then lest SUP! Before the paddle board activity we make a stop in the most beautiful view spot to see the amazing Lake Arenal, Volcan Arenal and Cote Lake.
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